Tales of Valor

The Last Breaths of Ashenport Session 5


The grotesquely transformed figure of Althanis cackled in the darkness of the damp cave. Wisps of magic running from his slimy fingers to Mikail’s face were just beginning to dissipate. Mikail staggered backwards wiping at his blinded eyes.

“I told you fools that this was not over!”, croaked the high priest of Dagon.

Medrash swore an oath to Kord, the god of strength and battle. He pulled his sword out of the disemboweled fish man, flicking it sharply downward and spattering the clinging giblets to the ground. Pointing his blade toward Althanis who stood a few yards away he cried, “Kord! Punish this weakling!”

Blue-white lightning crackled along the length of Medrash’s weapon and streaked across the cave. The divine power struck the priest full in the chest. He doubled over, shrieking in pain as electrical arcs coursed over and through his body.

The paladin had little time to take satisfaction in the sight before a new threat presented itself.

He heard it first. The sound of a thousand voices babbling incoherently. It was a terrible cacophony, threatening to wrack his mind with insanity. He scanned the cave furtively and finally located the source. An amorphous blob of bulging flesh flipped and flopped across the ceiling of the cave. The creature was covered in hundreds of gibbering mouths and bulging red-veined eyes.

Medrash stared back in horror. He had no fear from threats of magic, steel, or flesh. But this? This was madness!

The party was weary and battered after the battle in the shrine. However, they decided to go ahead and search the room before finding a safe spot to recover. Shardon searched the dark altar and discovered 1100 gold pieces, an Amulet of Protection, and a pair of Bloadsoaked Bracers.

Next they experimented with the statues and discovered that they could use them to teleport from statue to statue safely. Unfortunately Mikail also decided it would be a good idea to vandalize one the statues After breaking a small chunk off the nearest statue, Mikail disappeared in a flash of light.

The rest of the party followed suit, rationalizing that Mikail had probably been teleported somewhere. Indeed the party found themselves together again in a dark cave. They had little time to gather their senses before being attacked by a group of fish men.

As they were finishing off the fish men they were also attacked by a gibbering mouther. The group decided that they did not have the strength left to face the new threat and used the statue to teleport back to the shrine.

Back at the shrine, they decided to finally find a place to rest. They headed back to one of the bed chambers they had found earlier. Immeral cast a ritual on the door to place an arcane lock on it and the party settled down for some much needed rest.

Afterward they used the statues to teleport back to the cave. They found that the area near the statue had been reinforced and they faced even more fish men, Althanis himself, and the gibbering mouther. Refreshed from their rest, the group made short work of their enemies and prepared to explore the rest of the cave.



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