Tales of Valor

The Last Breaths of Ashenport Session 3


Balasar roared ferociously, swung his ax in a wide arc up over his head and split the fish man’s skull, showering himself in bones, blood, and brain matter. The dragonborn’s grin widened.

Two more of the creatures approached. One from Balasar’s right, the other from behind. Balasar brought an elbow up sharply, smashing the right one in the face. He then spun low to his left and around, driving his ax into the other fish man, taking his legs out at the knees with a sickening crunch. He followed through with the momentum of his deadly ax, bringing it up toward the first creature and severing its arm at the shoulder. Blood spewed in every direction as the creature writhed in agony. Balasar brought his boot up and kicked the fish man in the chest, sending him thudding to the floor. He figured his companions could finish it off.

Balasar enjoyed adventuring with his companions despite their penchant for wasting time in discussion or investigation. Each of them were formidable in their own right. However, when it came to bringing wrath and destruction to their enemies, Balasar had no equal. In his view, the others lacked the purity of purpose he held. Shardon relied on subterfuge. Mikail had his tactics. Immeral was a coward that hid behind magic. He could never trust the wizard. While he did respect Medrash’s martial abilities, he viewed them as inferior to his own, partially because the paladin relied on divine guidance. Balasar had no need of trickery, spells, or help from the gods. He had his ax, his sinews, and his rage. It was enough.

They had spent enough time investigating groves of trees and interrogating old men. He had endured it, knowing that soon his ax would be able to quench its thirst in blood. Eventually they had learned of the the cultists plans and found the secret entrance to the chambers under the church. Now the path was clear; find the cultists and kill every last one of them. It would be glorious.

The companions headed toward the Gleaming Dawn Church after the fight with the fish men. The church sat high atop a hill overlooking the town. A set of stone steps led up to it. As the party looked up they saw two dark robed figures looking down at them silhouetted against the flashing lightning. Quickly the two figures entered the church.

The party found the church empty except for a few burning candles. The interior suggested that the church was dedicated to Melora and Pelor. Medrash pointed out that many of the vestments and religious artifacts appeared to be rarely used. Searching around, Shardon found a secret spiral staircase heading down. The companions descended down the dark stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs they found a stone entry hall with several doors leading out of it. It wasn’t long before fish men were entering through the doors and attacking the group from all sides. The group went to work and dispatched the creatures. Investigating the doors, they found a bed chamber and a religious treatise on the worship of Dagon. They also found two staircases heading further down.

Following one of the staircases they eventually came to large room with a black curtain running down the middle. There they found themselves in fight against fish men, brutish thugs, and cultists wielding spells. Again, the group were victorious.

Immeral found a couple of ritual scrolls in a nearby bookcase. The group also found another set of stairs heading down. Finally, Shardon uncovered a secret door on the eastern wall. Opening the door they found a dark corridor running north and south. It was covered in carving of strange and horrific sea monsters. Shardon halted the group before anyone could enter the hallway. It was also covered with traps.



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