Tales of Valor

The Last Breaths of Ashenport Session 2


The creature shambled toward them through the dense veil of the driving rain. It was a horrid thing. A creature beyond the imaginings of any sane soul. Covered in slimy scales, peering with unblinking, bulging eyes, and secreting a vile stench of rotting fish. It’s mouth constantly gaped open and closed although a faint croak was the only sound it made. Holding a trident out menacingly before it, its intent was clear.

Immeral glanced at his companions. Each one of them stared stupidly toward the sea and began to make their way slowly toward the waves. Obviously the strange call from the sea had addled their brains.

“Fools”, thought Immeral. “Why do I continue to travel with such imbeciles?” He considered blasting them all, fish men and companions alike, with a fiery spell. He thought better of it however and moved in to try and wake Mikail, risking life and limb in the process.

After the battle with the cultists, the companions continued to the ash grove to investigate. Hacking their way toward the center of the grove, they found a small statue to Melora. The sight of the statue gave them some relief until they noticed that it had been defaced some time ago by ax and blade. Obviously the worship of Melora had been a central focus of the town at one point. Now, however, it seemed she wasn’t as highly regarded.

Upon exiting the grove the party noticed some movement behind the curtains of a seemingly vacant house. They decided to approach the house and see if they could ask the occupant some questions. After some incessant knocking the door was finally opened by a frail looking elderly human. At first he claimed ignorance about what was happening. Eventually he gave in to some insistent questioning and revealed some information. The town was apparently dedicated to the worship of Dagon, Lord of the Deep, Bringer of Madness. Dagon blessed the town with prosperity from the ocean. The leaders of the town were also the head of the cult and had headed up the hill to the the Gleaming Dawn Church to prepare an annual ritual.

As they were leaving the house the call from the sea rose up again. Immeral was the lone member of the party that did not succumb to the mesmerizing call. The rest of the group began heading slowly toward the sea. To make matters worse, horrible fish like humanoids approached them with murderous intent.

Immeral managed to snap a few of his companions out of their stupor with a sharp blow to the head. Eventually all of the companions were back to their senses and helping to fight the fish men. After the battle they investigated their fallen foes. They discovered that one of the fish men bared a gold leaf tattoo identical to those worn by the guards of the Goldleaf Consortium trade guild. This must have been one of the guards that had drowned himself in the sea earlier that morning!



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