Tales of Valor

The Iron Crown

While sailing on the Astral Sea the party had a chance to explore the ship and ask Morribael a few questions. Morribael explained that the ship was able to travel to the Astral Sea, the Mortal Realm, and the Shadowfell. It currently could not travel to the Elemental Chaos or the Feywild. He also explained that the ship was restricted by the physical laws of whatever realm it traveled in. Hence, while in the Mortal Realm it traveled as a sea-faring vessel.

Morribael also revealed that they were currently traveling to small demi-plane called Magrock in search of an artifact known as The Iron Crown. Magrock consists of a single ancient island surrounded by a purple sea. It once was a part of the Abyss and ruled over by a clan of fire giants. The giants managed to create a planar bridge to the Mortal Realm and used it to capture mortals as slaves. Enraged by this, the gods of Celestia tore Magrock from the Abyss and flung it into the Astral Sea. However this temporarily created a breach to the Far Realm and something malicious crossed over. No sign of the Fire Giants has been seen in a millennia, yet no acquisition team sent there has ever returned.

While traveling the party saw no sign of the captain of the Wraithwind although they occasionally heard mournful stringed music coming from the captain’s chambers. While Morribael was distracted, Shardon decided to take a peek into the captain’s chambers. He found a large wooden chair in the center of the room. Sitting in the chair was strange female of an unknown race. She was bald except for a long black ponytail. Her face was dotted by strange markings like tattoos and her ears ended in points. There was a bizarre contraption attached to the ceiling that appeared to be celestial orbs rotating around each other. Black tubes ran from the contraption to the woman’s head. Suddenly her eyes snapped opened, looking directly at Shardon. Although her lips did not move, Shardon heard a female voice whisper, “Not yet, little one”. The halfling then blacked out and found himself standing at the bow of the ship when he came to as they were approaching Magrock.

Magrock appeared to be a flat plane floating in the Abyss. The mountainous island dominated the center while a purple sea fell off the edge to the nothingness below. As they entered the plane, the stars overhead appeared to race across the sky. A cracked and broken road led up the mountain, past a ruined settlement and up to the base of a black iron tower.

The party investigated the ruins first and found no signs of the giants or any one else. They did find that several of the structures had perfectly round holes through them about 8 feet in diameter. The holes were so smooth it did not appear as if they could have been carved or blasted.

At the tower, they also found an identical hole where the doors used to be. Cautiously they entered into what appeared to have been a giant lord’s throne room. A huge stone throne dominated the room. Behind the throne some old curtains had been torn away to reveal some ancient levers. Another one of the strange holes was in the center of the floor.

As they approached a vile beholder rose from the hole to attack. The party kept it distracted while Shardon worked the levers to raise the throne and reveal the Iron Crown. The fight was not going well, so the companions stashed the crown into a bag of holding a made a run for it, escaping to the boat with the crown in tow.



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