Tales of Valor

Our story so far...

Since I, your chronicler, have been lax in keeping the records of the deeds of our intrepid heroes up to date, I will attempt to briefly summarize the events leading up to the fateful decision to travel to Ashenport.

Within the Well of Demons, the party finally located the four artifacts needed to complete the ritual to open the door to the Inner Sanctum. As warned by the spectral visitors, the guardian appeared upon completion of the ritual. This Guardian turned out to be a young green dragon. The party faced down wicked traps, undead, elementals and the Guardian itself and finally won entry in the Inner Sanctum.

Inside the Inner Sanctum the party managed to defeat Maldrick Scarmaker, priest of Yeenoghu and his demonic lackeys. From letters uncovered in Maldrick’s chambers they learned of the wizard Paldemar’s plans to bring down the Mages of Saruun. They also uncovered the silver key to Paldemar’s current location, The Tower of Mysteries.

The party traveled to The Tower of Mysteries. Inside they learned that Paldemar was seeking assistence from Vecna with his nefarious plans. After a few tough encounters the party finally confronted and defeated Paldemar. They returned to the Seven Pillar Hall where they were rewarded by Orontor.

Presumably, due to the traumatic events in Thunderspire Labyrinth, the party only had one other small adventure cleaning out a small temple to Bahamut from some evil squatters before seeming to retire. Eventually, however, the party’s thoughts turned back toward adventure as they overheard strange rumors from the seaside town Ashenport and it’s yearly trade fair. At this point the party consisted of Mikail, Immeral, Shardon, Balasar, and Medrash. They set off in search of adventure. Nothing could have prepared them for what they would actually find.



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